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May 1, 2009

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Free member penguin contest!

April 17, 2009

I am running a free member penguin contest the penguin is a member, obviously it is 476 days old and has alot of stuff here is a pic:


to win be the first to email and say gimme member penguin now

go to

April 13, 2009

tthis website isnt getting enough hits so ill probably work on now

club penguin easter egg hunt cheats

April 11, 2009

the chocolate bunny pin is at the forest


the first egg is at the town, on top of the dance club


the second is at the cove at the water


the third is at the mine, on the cart that comes when you hover your mouse on the cart sufer game


the fourth is at the dojo courtyard, disguised as the lantern on the right


the fifth egg is at the gift shop, click on the stand


the sixth is at the ski lodge in the fish box next to the ice fishing catalog


the seventh is on top of the sign at the ski hill


the last is at the beacon, but you have to turn off the light first


when done you can get the pink bunny ears which were originally reseased in the 2006 easter egg hunt


on the corner of the mine there is an egg you can’t click. This is probably a mistake.


here are the furniture catalog secrets:

page 1, disco ball


page 9,ice table


page 14, aquarium


page 2 of clearance, welcome mat


page 3 of clearance, bird house


also Quest for the goldon puffle has returned to the stage

penguin times issue #182

April 9, 2009

the new penguin times came out today:


this year sensei will hide the easter eggs. the weekly cheat is the secret dance contest level, click on candence for a secret level.also the penguin play award winners have been announced. the winners are fairy fables for best costumes and quest for the goldon puffle for everything else. anyway, here are the events:

april 10 (tomorrow)

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • New Pin
  • New stage performance (the quest for the goldon puffle)
  • april 17

    better igloos catalog

    also billybob announced that we can vote for a new background for the party coming should be a medievil party here are the options:


    catalog secrets!

    April 4, 2009

    well the catalog is here and there are alot of secrets, so here they are

    on page 1, click on the cup for the black graduation cap


    on page 12, click where the 2 spotlights meet for the viking helmet


    on page 16, click on one of the 2 es in for the spikester


    on page 18 click on the puple hoodie for the boa


    on pages 3/4 of clearance, click on the purple spot on the dance floor for the spikette


    and finally click on the pot of gold on the last page of clerance for the pot o’ gold


    penguin times issue #181

    April 3, 2009


    well the newspapers here and here are the events:

    • april 2-9 last week of the penguin play awards, the winner will be released soon
    • april 3-30 catalog
    • april 10-12 easter egg hunt
    • next pin hidden april 10-23